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The platform is the core technology of the Intygral system that enables agencies to automate and systematize marketing functions that they previously conducted manually. In addition, the Digital Marketing Platform opens a new world of possibilities only available through digital marketing.


Industry-specific activities and workflows allow agencies to unify sales, marketing, and customer service functions by:

  • Managing and automating customer and prospect interactions.
  • Tracking referrals.
  • Overseeing and administering customer renewal dates and policy numbers


Strategic email campaigns enable agencies to stay top-of-mind among customers and prospects. Email marketing can help your agency:

  • Automate email communications throughout the sales process.
  • Cross-sell campaigns to supplement existing sales team’s efforts.
  • Segment and target drip campaigns.
  • Market to both personal and commercial leads.
  • Engage through fun, personalized holiday and birthday campaigns.


  • Tailor marketing efforts with topical, insurance specific content from the Intygral library.
  • Deploy content relevant to both commercial and personal lines.
  • Target general commercial accounts and specific industries, including manufacturing, property management, restaurants, and trucking.
  • Centralize content resources and assure consistent content quality.


Structured and strategic task management helps agencies organize and centralize sales opportunities, turning prospects into customers by:

  • Prioritizing CSR’s and Producers’ to-do lists by ranking leads and customers in the sales pipeline to sell smarter.
  • Automatically delegating open tasks to agents based on pre-set criteria.
  • Overseeing all open tasks, categorized by assigned agent, due date, or activity.


Analytics offer agencies new insight into overall performance and can help improve the accuracy of business decisions. With the help of analytics, your agency can:

  • Achieve full visibility into sales opportunities, measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and track new opportunities.
  • Track each producer’s quote-to-close ratio and total premium.


Integration with your agency management system is not needed to utilize or benefit from the Digital Marketing Platform. Intygral’s Digital Marketing Platform is easily incorporated into your agency’s current sales processes. A basic workflow is utilized to maintain customer and policy data in both the Digital Marketing Platform and your agency management system. For agencies that are interested in integrating the Digital Marketing Platform with their agency management system Intygral offers several solutions:

Vertafore’s AMS360
We offer the only two-way integration with AMS360.

HawkSoft’s Client Management System
Our team is currently working with Hawksoft to build and support a one-way synchronization.

QQ Solutions’s QQ Catalyst
Our team is currently working with QQ Solution to build and support integration between the two systems.

Xanatex’s Insurance Management Solution
Xanatex has built a custom report that is easily exported from the Insurance Management Solution. This report contains all of the needed information to import into our Digital Marketing Platform to allow the two systems to continually update.